Universal Salvation

To begin, universal salvation is the belief that everyone goes to Heaven after death.  I believe in universal salvation.  The reason being, why would a deity be so cruel as to send all of his / her creation to Hell (actually, the word is Hades used in the Bible, the ancient Greek Underworld) for any reason.  Yes, we have free will (or do we?  That is a debate for another time).

Indeed, according to legend, on Holy Saturday (the day before Easter), Jesus is said to have visited Hades and liberated all the souls to Heaven.  The Catholic and Anglican traditions hold this belief to this day.  For Protestants, it is a mixed bag: some believe this story, while others simply don’t believe it.

Roman Catholics also believe in Purgatory, a place between Heaven and Hell, and a place where one may repent for one’s sins until they have achieved liberation and go to Heaven.  I can accept this, but I don’t believe anyone goes to a fiery Hell or to Hades in the Afterlife.  Throughout the New Testament, Jesus preaches the Kingdom of God is full of love and we must all love one another.  If one is sent to a fiery Hell, then it rather moots the point that God is all loving; for a loving God would not send his/her children to burn for eternity: it is beyond cruel.  Keep in mind, this is my opinion and I would not force my views on anyone.

Indeed, while in seminary, I received a few odd stares when I stated I believe in universal salvation.  It is nothing to be ashamed about in any way.

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